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What do we do?... What is a Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection?

CarzInspection supplies mechanical expertise with over 20 years of experience by performing used car inspections and condition evaluations in order to help you identify neglect, abuse, previous collision and substandard repairs or a vehicle that may not be as advertised by the seller.

A quality used car inspection will give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Would you spend $5,000 $10,000 or even $25,000 on a used car that you have not seen? Order a professional, accurate, and detailed pre-purchase used car inspection from CarzInspection and take the worries out of buying a used car.

Many times our Used Car Inspection fee pays for itself several times over by uncovering needed repairs. (Average Cost of Repairs). A Pre Purchase Inspection from CarzInspection will provide you with the information needed in order to help you make your decision on the vehicle.

CarzInspection will perform the Pre-Purchase Inspection that you need in order to help you make the right decision about buying a used car or staying away from a lemon. Our Used Car Inspections are performed by ASE certified auto inspectors or an automotive technician who is knowledgeable and has several years of experience. Our automotive experts will provide an unbiased, professional, expert opinion and thorough inspection of the vehicle. We have saved our customers hundreds, even thousands of dollars by uncovering problems with our quality used car inspections. 150 Point Check

A Used Car Inspection is highly recommended when purchasing a used vehicle without a warranty, or when the vehicle is located in another city or state and if the buyer cannot examine the car in person. When there is no vehicle warranty, the buyer is immediately assuming all the risk in the event of a breakdown or major mechanical problem that may be a pre-existing condition. The buyer is also assuming the risk of a vehicle that has been previously damaged in an accident or flood. For these reasons, a quality Used Car Inspection / Pre Purchase Inspection makes financial sense. We see false advertising on a regular basis and our Used Car Inspections will uncover deceptive sales tactics that are sometimes used to mis-represent the vehicle. The resulting Used Car Inspection / Pre Purchase Inspection Report and numerous photos will give the buyer added security and protection during a long-distance or even a close to home transaction. Looking for a classic car?... Unsure you are getting what you are paying for?

Order our special Classic Car Inspection whether you are buying a car from out of state or just want an expert opinion on your investment. We provide the industry's most comprehensive online used vehicle condition reports on all of our Classic Car Inspections. This means that the used car inspection and multi-page report including photos is just a click away. Each report includes detailed checks and photos of the body exterior, interior trim, paint, chrome, any signs of accident damage, previous repairs, rust or body filler and much more. Order your Classic or Exotic Used Car Inspection today.

A professional Pre-Purchase Inspection will determine existing problems such as previous accident damage, odometer discrepancies, needed mechanical repairs and maintenance items, prior substandard repairs, misuse and abuse, etc. Without a professional inspection, you could be buying a vehicle that is not worth the asking price or a vehicle that has previous or substandard repairs.

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